[JAVA] Verification value error that occurred in a clustering environment

Validation error occurs in clustering environment

Development environment


There are radio buttons whose choices change depending on the parameters. When I select and post any item, ** "j_idt39: Validation error: Value is not valid" ** occurs. It does not occur in a local or single instance environment.


The project requirements did not use sticky sessions and were randomly assigned to the server for each communication. As a result, the beans were replicated in the session, and there was a list of radio button choices with no initial value (null) in it. Unfortunately when I posted, I was getting a validation error when the list hit a null bean.

Source of problem


<form jsf:id="form" jsf:prependId="false">
            <h:selectOneRadio name="choiceName" value="#{choiceBean.choiceName}" styleClass="radio_list">
                <f:selectItems value="#{choiceBean.choiceList}" var="prize" itemLabel="#{item.labelName}" itemValue="#{item}" />

        <button jsf:action="#{pageControlBean.toConfirm()}" class="btn_orange">
    <span jsfc="h:messages" class="form_error_text" />


public class ChoiceBean implements Serializable {

	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

	@Getter @Setter
	private ChoiceType choiceName;

	@Getter @Setter
	private List<ChoiceType> choiceList;


public enum ChoiceType {
	TYPE1("Type 1", 0),
	TYPE2("Type 2", 1),
	TYPE3("Type 3", 2);

	private final String labelName;

	private final int index;

	private ChoiceType(String labelName, int index) {
		this.labelName = labelName;
		this.index = index;


Set the initial value in the constructor.


public class ChoiceBean implements Serializable {
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

	private PrizeType choiceName;

	private List<ChoiceType> choiceList;

	 * Constructor
	 *Not Null variable initial value setting
	public ChoiceBean() {
		choiceList = new ArrayList<>();

Survey tips

Finally, I investigated with an IDE (such as the paid version Intellij) that can see the contents of the session and found a copy of the bean. It seems that you can see it in NetBeans with JavaEE.

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