Try calling IBM Watson Assistant 2018-07-10 from the Java SDK.

In Watson Assistant 2018-07-10, you can specify "Option" etc. as the response type. "Option" is like a radio button in HTML, and it is a function that allows you to easily create choices such as three choices and four choices.

What if I call it from the Watson API Java SDK? I tried. In conclusion, it seems that the SDK at the time of writing is not yet compatible with new features. Previously it was returned as text [], but it seems to be returned as generic. It looks like we need to parse the raw JSON.

■ Image


■ Reference (At the time of writing, it cannot be read unless "English" is set from the bottom of the page)

■API Document

■ Code

		String version = "2018-07-10";
		String username = "xxx";
		String password = "xxx";

		String workspaceId = "xxx";

		Assistant service = new Assistant(version);
		service.setUsernameAndPassword(username, password);

		InputData input = new InputData.Builder("Hi").build();

		// MessageOptions options = new
		// MessageOptions.Builder(workspaceId).input(input).build();
		MessageOptions options = new MessageOptions.Builder(workspaceId).build();

		// sync
		MessageResponse response = service.message(options).execute();



■ Results

  "output": {
    "generic": [
        "title": "",
        "options": [
            "label": "Value1",
            "value": {
              "input": {
                "text": "value1"
            "label": "Value2",
            "value": {
              "input": {
                "text": "value2"
            "label": "Value3",
            "value": {
              "input": {
                "text": "value3"
        "response_type": "option"
    "text": [],
    "nodes_visited": [
    "log_messages": []
  "input": {},
  "intents": [],
  "entities": [],
  "context": {
    "conversation_id": "xxx",
    "system": {
      "dialog_stack": [
          "dialog_node": "root"
      "dialog_turn_counter": 1.0,
      "dialog_request_counter": 1.0,
      "branch_exited": true,
      "branch_exited_reason": "completed"

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