[RUBY] Implement Rails pagination

Implement pagination

Implement pagination using kaminari. Add kaminari to gemfile and install

After that, create the kaminari configuration file and template.

$ bin/rails g kaminari:config
$ bin/rails g kaminari:views default

You now have a configuration file. Let's take a look at the configuration file

There are some written, You can set the number of items per page with config.default_per_page.


Kaminari.configure do |config|
  # config.default_per_page = 25
  # config.max_per_page = nil
  # config.window = 4
  # config.outer_window = 0
  # config.left = 0
  # config.right = 0
  # config.page_method_name = :page
  # config.param_name = :page
  # config.max_pages = nil
  # config.params_on_first_page = false

Next, modify the action. For example, to list tweets, just do as follows.


@tweets = Tweet.all.page(params[:page])

Finally, for the part where you want to insert pagination in the view part


<%= paginate @events %>

It was easy to add. I've implemented pagination with spring boot I have some time-consuming memories. Rails is that easy.

That's all for today

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