Hello World in Java

What to do

I'm doing Hello world in Eclipse. It's late, but it's a memorandum level.


Ubuntu 16.04 Eclipse 3.8 CPU C2D memory 4G

Make HelloWorld

1 New-Project Create "Hello World". 2 src to new-package Create "example.com". 3 new-class on example.com Create "Hello World". 4 Edit HelloWorld.class.

package example.com; public class HelloWorld {   public static void main(String args[]){     System.out.println("HelloWorld");   } }

Build with eclipse

Run as Java application If all goes well, Hello World will be displayed on the console.

Hello World on terminal

cd workspace/Helloworld/bin java example.com.Helloworld

If all goes well, Hello World is displayed.

jar creation

Today's main event.

Select a project in Package Explorer and File-Export Select JAVA-JAR File. The rest is created according to the procedure. Almost Next. Select Main Class on the third screen. Hello World.

The JAR file is created in the workspace, so cd cd workspace Helloworld.jar Will be executed in. If not in run mode java -jar HelloWorld.jar But you can do it.

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