[RUBY] About ActiveRecord :: PendingMigrationError

When accessing the URL http: // localhost: 3000/rails/actions ActiveRecord :: PendingMigrationError Is displayed When you press "Perform pending migration" on the page StandardError Is displayed

■ Hypothesis ActiveRecord :: PendingMigrationError Try to search on the internet https://qiita.com/KONTA2019/items/0444ae3b8c8936a56ee0 Pay attention to the cause 2 of the error on this page

Mysql2 :: Error: Table'users' already exists Because there is I updated the migration file and rails db: migrated while migration was completed (up) Isn't that the problem?

■ Verification ・ $ Rails db: migrate: reset And bring the migration up again → No change

・ $ Rails db: rollback  $ rails db:migrate , Remand the migration, and migrate again → No change

Screenshot of the following error https://gyazo.com/23116ecff6eb24e08bb514bd3ce7df76



result The cause is that migtate/create_users.rb is duplicated. This error is resolved by deleting one of the files. The hypothesis is that users.rb can't be overwritten, so I thought it would be cured by sending it back and then migrating again. It wasn't the cause because it was already created and the file was duplicated. Other initial setting mistakes. I made a mistake in a smaller part, so I fixed it (I got it).

Reflection I couldn't ask why the files were duplicated, but I think it was probably because I did rails db: migrate without rolling back. Be careful when performing migration. It is important to pay attention to careless mistakes. Below, the modified screenshot https://gyazo.com/e710ebcf079d3f2fbf1be35ae3dfaa62

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