Notes on using FCM with Ruby on Rails

Reflect click_action

It seems that you should add the notificationclick event to the ** top ** of firebase-messaging-sw.js.


// Notification click
self.addEventListener('notificationclick', function(event) {
  let url =;

  event.notification.close(); // Android needs explicit close.
    clients.matchAll({ includeUncontrolled: true, type: 'window' }).then( windowClients => {
      // Check if there is already a window/tab open with the target URL
      for (let i = 0; i < windowClients.length; i++) {
        let client = windowClients[i];
        // If so, just focus it.
        if (client.url === url && 'focus' in client) {
          return client.focus();
      // If not, then open the target URL in a new window/tab.
      if (clients.openWindow) {
        return clients.openWindow(url);

Get web push notifications even on open tabs (working tabs)

When working with normally open tabs, I don't get web push notifications.

You can define the onMessage function in firebase.js as follows.


  // Handle incoming messages while focusing
  messaging.onMessage(function(payload) {
    const { title, body, icon } = payload.notification
    const url =
    navigator.serviceWorker.getRegistration('/firebase-cloud-messaging-push-scope').then(registration => {
          data: {
            FCM_MSG: {
              data: {

Have ActiveJob handle web pushes

The parameters that can be passed are: title: Notification title body: Notification content icon: Display icon click_action: URL that transitions with a click event (HTTPS only)


class PushNotificationJob < ApplicationJob
  queue_as :default

  DEFAULT_ICON = 'https://hogehoge.ico'

  def perform(token, options = {})

    options = {
      priority: 'high',
      notification: {
        title: options[:title],
        body: options[:body],
        icon: options[:icon] || DEFAULT_ICON,
      data: {
        url: options[:url] || '/'

    registration_ids = [token]

    fcm.send(registration_ids, options) if registration_ids.any?

I'm still not sure if priority:'high' is useful, but ...

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