I made a Ruby extension library in C


The person who wrote this article is a beginner with a level of ** programming experience of less than 1 year **. I think there are some confusing parts and mistakes, so if you notice it, please leave a comment.

What I made

Extension library for operating the mouse from Ruby

Language used

--C (describe the library itself) --Ruby (module)


The source code is here

--You can get the coordinates of the mouse cursor and move the cursor. --It is also possible to output left click and right click. --Since it includes C windows.h, it is ** Windows only **. (It has not been verified because I do not have an environment other than Windows, but it is probably so) --Since it is compiled in a 32-bit environment, it does not work on a 64-bit machine . (Verified) ――When the environment is ready, I will raise the 64-bit version. - Please use in an environment where Ruby works **.

How to use

require 'mouse' Or (If the scripts that use this library are in the same directory) require_relative 'mouse'

Defined methods and constants

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