[JAVA] Add an external jar file in your IntelliJ project.

things to do.

Add External Libraries for IntelliJ project. I've met a lot of articles doing the same thing in Eclipse, but not so much in IntelliJ, so I'll leave it as a reminder.


Environment: Ubuntu 18.04

  1. This time, add ojdbc8.jar in / opt / oracle / instantclient_18_3.
  2. Add to IntelliJ External Libraries.


1. Select File-> Project Structure


2. Select Modules-> Dependencies.

Project Structure_007.png

3. Click the + sign to the right of scope.

Choices are displayed.

4. Select Jars or director ues ...


5. Select /opt/oracle/instantclient/18_3/ojdbc8.jar.

Attach Files or Directories_009.png

Press OK.

5. Check External Libraries



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