[JAVA] [For super super beginners] What is object orientation?

What is object-oriented?

I had the opportunity to review object-oriented programming, so I'll output it here.

This time, I learned by referring to the following books. "Introduction to Java that can be understood clearly" by Kiyotaka Nakayama and Daigo Kunimoto

Object-oriented definition

Object-oriented in this book

** Concept of componentization ** used when developing software

Is defined as. The parts mentioned here can be rephrased as classes in Java. By describing the parts (people and things) in the world as a class, their characteristics and actions are programmed ( Can be automated).

Object-oriented purpose

The ** object-oriented purpose ** is to overcome the complexity that humans cannot grasp, that is, ** to make something "easy, fun, and good" **. Even if it is said in such difficult words that maintainability is improved or reuse is improved, object-oriented touching does not come to the attention of programmer beginners. However, if we can make this "easy, fun, and good thing", we will do our best for programmers. Overtime is reduced, and the stress of seeing hard-to-read code is reduced.

Well, for now, let's leave it for the time being with a simple understanding like this.

The first principle of criticism is, "First, I can say with certainty that I understand this book. Then, clarify the attitudes of , , and ." is there -Omitted- Withholding judgment is also an act of criticism. Citation: "Books to Read" by M.J. Adler C.V Doren

Object-oriented essence

The purpose is to create an object that reproduces the characteristics and behavior of a person in the real world using a class or the like.

For example, ** a person's characteristics can be described in a field ** in a class, and ** behavior can be described in a method **.


What is object-oriented? It becomes a bridge between the real world and the virtual world **, and can be said to be a way of thinking to create a more convenient and better world than it is now.

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