[CENTOS] [PHP] Solved "mb_strpos cannot be used"


After installing php, an error occurred in the mb_strpos function, so I will write it as a memorandum.


CentOS Linux release 8.2.2004 (Core) PHP 7.2.24 (cli) (built: Oct 22 2019 08:28:36) ( NTS )

Error information

After using the mb_strpos function in the console, an error occurs if it is not defined

php > echo mb_strpos("ontama", "a");
php > mb_strpos PHP Warning:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mb_strpos() in php shell code:1 Stack trace:


In the case of Centos, it seems that mb_strpos is not available by default, so it seems that you need to install the package Install php-mbstring required when using multibyte string related functions

[[email protected] etc]# yum install -y php-mbstring

Reboot the OS

[[email protected] etc]# reboot

Start the console and check if the mb_strpos function can be used

[[email protected] etc]# php -a
php > echo mb_strpos("ontama", "a");

Confirm that it can be used safely.


The one that I forgot to put in when building the php environment and moss ... https://qiita.com/sango/items/a86f9b8cf8c9c641823a

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