[JAVA] I tried installing the Docker Integration plugin in IntelliJ


Looking at the manual as to whether Docker can be handled directly from IntelliJ, there is, after all, IDEA.

It seems that ** Docker Integration Plugin ** is installed and used in IntelliJ. So I decided to put it in.


The environment I am checking is the following Windows machine. I'll try it on my Mac later.




1. Installation

1.1. Plugin installation screen


Select "File"-"Settings"-"Plugins" from the IntellJ menu.

1.2. Find & Install Docker Integration Plugin


Once you've found the Docker Integration plugin, click the install button to install it.

1.3. Restart IntelliJ


Restart IntelliJ.

2. Settings

2.1. Expose Daemon on TCP without TLS image

The default setting for TCP connection with the Docker daemon is TLS, so change it from the Docker settings screen to no TLC.

2.2. Check Docker settings in IntelliJ


You can see that ** Docker ** has been added under Build, Execution, Deployment on the IntelliJ settings screen. Select Docker.

2.3. Add Docker configuration


Leave the Docker configuration as is.

Choices value
Connect to Docker daemon with TCP socket
Engine API URL tcp://localhost:2375
Certificates folder Blank

2.4. Connecting to a Docker host


Select Connect from the IntelliJ Docker view.


If the connection is successful, you will see a list of images managed by Docker.

3. Setting up the connection to the registry

3.1. Adding the registry


From the IntelliJ settings menu, select Registry under Docker and add the configuration.

3.2. Setting registry information


Enter the information for the Docker registry to connect to. By default, you can choose between ** Docker Hub ** and ** quai.io ** addresses.

4. Pull Docker image

4.1. Docker image to pull


Try pulling the Tomcat image (Tomcat 8.5.23) published on Docker Hub.

4.2. Pull from IntelliJ


Right-click in the IntelliJ Docker view and select Pull Image ...

4.3. Specifying the registry


The user-authenticated Docker Hub set in 3 is used when registering (pushing) the image.

4.4. Specifying the image

image Specify the image you want to pull and its tag, and click OK.

5. Start the Docker container

5.1. Displaying the Docker container creation menu


Right-click on the IntelliJ Docker view and select Create container.

5.2. Starting the container

image Specify the container name.

image If necessary, you can make additional settings for the container such as port binding. After configuration, click Run to start the container.

5.3. Confirmation of container startup


Access port 8888 in your host environment. You can see that Tomcat is running.


You can now manage Docker on IntelliJ. To deploy an application to an application server container such as Tomcat, it seems possible to mount the application built using Docker's volume function.

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