[RUBY] Are you still exhausted to implement the search function? Gem'ransack' that can be implemented in an instant


This time, Gem that can implement the search function at explosive speed

Ransack is.

No, this is really convenient. The search function is casually high level, isn't it? I was thinking, With this Gem, you can do it in about 30 minutes.

It feels like Gem is amazing again. (vocabulary)

Let's do it now

First of all
gem 'ransack'

In the Gemfile.

% bundle install

Don't forget

Go routing

 resources :books do
    collection do
      get 'search'

Routing is

         search_books GET      /books/search(.:format)                                                                  books#search

I feel like this.

There is a member similar to the collection

 member do
      get 'search'

Allows you to include the id in the routing

         search_books GET      /books/:id/search(.:format)                                                                  books#search

This time I did this because I want to be able to search the column called tag_name in the book database.

Next we will make a view

rails g controller books  search

This will create a controller and search View.

Controller Controller ♪


class BooksController < ApplicationController
  before_action :search_book, only: [:index, :search]

  def index
   @books =Book.all
   @book =Book.includes(:user)

  def search
    @results = @p.result
    @book = @results.includes(:book)


  def search_book
    @p = Book.ransack(params[:q]) 
  def set_book_column
    @book_name = Book.select("tag_name").distinct 

It is like this.


Put the element you want to search in place of tag_name

If you put before_action It loads faster than anything else.
Next is View!


<%= search_form_for @p, url: search_books_path do |f| %>
    <%= f.label :tag_name_cont, 'Tag name' %>
    <%= f.text_field  :tag_name_cont, placeholder: "Search by tag name" %>
    <%= f.submit 'Search' %>
<% end %>

The search_form_for method is a Lansac-specific method

The cont of tag_name_cont written on the second line is If it matches, it will be caught in the search.

That is the one.

If you set it to eq, only the exact same one will be caught.

There are several others, so take a look! Ransack Recommendation

Make a search result screen


   <h1 class="search-forms">
search results
<head class ="search-book-list">
  <div class="book-chosen">
  <%#Search Applicable product list%>
   <% if @results.length !=0 %>    
    <% @results.each do |result| %>
     <div class="sec1title">
    <div class="item-show">
          <h2 class='border01'>
            <%= result.genre.type %>
             <%= link_to "/books/#{result.id}" do %>
        <%end %>
        <%= image_tag result.image, id: 'slideshow' if result.image.attached? %>
        <div class="item-info" >
          <h2 id ='item-name'>
            <%= result.name %>
            <form class="item-content-show">
            <%= result.content %>
        <br />
    <% end %>
   <% else %>
There is no applicable product
   <%=link_to  "to return home",root_path%>
   <% end %>
<%#Home button%>
   <%= render "shared/sidebar" %>



With a controller

 def search
    @results = @p.result
    @book = @results.includes(:book)

Since it is written like this, from @result I am taking out the value.

This is the end of the explanation. Environment Ruby on rails

Feel free to comment if you make any mistakes! !!

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