[Wire Mock] I want to set up a stub / mock server in Java and perform E2E tests.

I can't use the linked system in the verification system, but I want to do an E2E test

Since the world is in the age of microservices, it seems that the demand for mock stubs for HTTP request and response is increasing. The project I'm involved in has nothing to do with microservices, I was looking for an API server that runs on Java for the purpose as the title suggests.

WireMock HTTP-based API simulator, mock server. http://wiremock.org/ https://github.com/tomakehurst/wiremock

You can check the comparison with other API Servers at the following site Comparison of API simulation tools

Selected as TECHNOLOGY RADAR by ThoughtWorks in 2018 by TRIAL

https://www.thoughtworks.com/radar/tools/wiremock By the way, TRIAL seems to be an index that is worth doing if it is managed properly.

How to Use

A quick look There are the following two ways

Use in source code

Introduced in Maven and Gradle. It seems that there are many examples of using this in combination with JUNIT. Download and Installation

Install as a StandAlone server

Download the Jar file from the official website and start it Running as a Standalone Process

This time, I want it to work as an E2E test simulator, so I will use it as a StandAlone server. Does this format seem to reduce what you can do? We will investigate whether we can achieve what we want to do.

Reference site

WireMock server installation procedure

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