[RUBY] Introduction to Rakefile that can be done in about 10 minutes


Makefile can be written Ruby is installed

What is Rakefile?

Makefile that can be written in Ruby


ruby 2.7.1p83

Hello Rakefile! First, create a suitable working folder. Here, create it with the folder name rakefile-sample.

Create a Rakefile there and write as follows


task :first_task do
  puts 'Hello Rakefile!'


rakefile-sample $ rake first_task
Hello Rakefile!

Executing unix command


task :run_sh do
  sh %{echo Hello Rakefile sh!}


rakefile-sample $ rake run_sh
echo Hello Rakefile sh!
Hello Rakefile sh!

instance method FileUtils#sh

Perform multiple tasks in sequence


task :task1 do 
  puts 'task1'

task :task2 do 
  puts 'task2'

# task1,Execute task3 after task2
task :task3 => [:task1, :task2] do 
  puts 'task3'


rakefile-sample $ rake task3

Create a file

If file is used instead of task, it will be executed only when the target file (Gemfile in this case) does not exist.


file 'Gemfile' do
  f = File.open('Gemfile', 'w')
  f.puts("source 'https://rubygems.org'")
  f.puts("gem 'rails', '~>5'")

  puts 'Gemfile created'

Execute (correctly not executed the second time)

rakefile-sample $ rake Gemfile
Gemfile created
rakefile-sample $ rake Gemfile
rakefile-sample $ 


library rake Summary of basic usage of Rake How to write a File in Ruby [For beginners]

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