Method name of static factory method learned from Java 8

Method names in Java are generally verbs, but ** static factory methods ** may use prepositions and nouns.

What is a static factory method?

A ** static factory method ** is a method that provides an instance instead of a constructor, such as String.valueOf (). Detailed explanations are delegated to ** "Effective Java" ** and the following articles.

Java 8 usage example

Classes added in Java 8 utilize static factory methods as a way to provide instances.





Based on the above example, the method name of the static factory method can be generalized as follows.

Method name role
empty Create an empty instance
of Create an instance of the specified parameter
from Create an instance from an object of another class

In addition to these, it will be easier for the user to give a method name that suits the purpose, such as ʻof Nullableornow`.

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