[JAVA] I wanted to add @VisibleForTesting to the method

VisibleForTesting overview

Source code sample

protected void doSomething() {
  // ...

I never knew there was such an annotation. Well, I think it's easier to understand at a glance, "Why is it protected?" If it's a project that uses guava, it might be a good idea to try it.

By the way, package private has a narrower disclosure range than protected, so it may be safer to keep it package private. (I think I wrote it in the introduction to Junit practice ...)

Is it used quite a lot?

When I search on GitHub, it looks like an annotation that is used as it is. Some projects in Kotlin also have Visible For Testing.

Are there any other similar annotations?

com.google.common.annotations Visible For Testing is the only one that seems to be usable in business.

Background of writing this

I wrote Java for the first time in a few years, and I learned a lot, so I made a note of it. Maybe if you are a person who writes Android apps on a daily basis, is it a common sense level?

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