Try similar search of Image Search using Java SDK [Search]

Purpose of this time (try searching using Java SDK)

Last time, I finished setting up Image Search and importing images. This time, I will try to access the Image Search I made last time programmatically.

Construction of implementation environment

This time I will create a project in Java. If you do not have a Java development environment, please install Java and Gradle. (The sample is created with Gradle, but Maven is also acceptable)

Reference: For Windows + Scoop

PS C:\Users\user> scoop install oraclejdk14
PS C:\Users\user> scoop install gradle

Creating a Java project

Let's create a Java project

Creating a project directory

PS C:\Users\user\Documents\temp> mkdir imagesearch-sample

    Directory: C:\Users\user\Documents\temp

Mode                 LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                 -------------         ------ ----
d----          2020/05/19    15:59                imagesearch-sample

PS C:\Users\user\Documents\temp> cd .\imagesearch-sample\
PS C:\Users\user\Documents\temp\imagesearch-sample>

Creating a Java project

PS C:\Users\user\Documents\temp\imagesearch-sample> gradle init

Select type of project to generate:
  1: basic
  2: application
  3: library
  4: Gradle plugin
Enter selection (default: basic) [1..4] 2

Select implementation language:
  1: C++
  2: Groovy
  3: Java
  4: Kotlin
  5: Swift
Enter selection (default: Java) [1..5] 3

Select build script DSL:
  1: Groovy
  2: Kotlin
Enter selection (default: Groovy) [1..2] 1

Select test framework:
  1: JUnit 4
  2: TestNG
  3: Spock
  4: JUnit Jupiter
Enter selection (default: JUnit 4) [1..4] 1

Project name (default: imagesearch-sample):
Source package (default: imagesearch.sample):

> Task :init
Get more help with your project:

2 actionable tasks: 2 executed
PS C:\Users\user\Documents\temp\imagesearch-sample>
PS C:\Users\user\Documents\temp\imagesearch-sample> tree /F
List of folder paths:Volume Windows
Volume serial number is 9411-0B65
│  .gitattributes
│  .gitignore
│  build.gradle
│  gradlew
│  gradlew.bat
│  settings.gradle
│  ├─6.4.1
│  │  │
│  │  │
│  │  ├─executionHistory
│  │  │      executionHistory.bin
│  │  │      executionHistory.lock
│  │  │
│  │  ├─fileChanges
│  │  │      last-build.bin
│  │  │
│  │  ├─fileHashes
│  │  │      fileHashes.bin
│  │  │      fileHashes.lock
│  │  │
│  │  └─vcsMetadata-1
│  ├─buildOutputCleanup
│  │      buildOutputCleanup.lock
│  │
│  │      outputFiles.bin
│  │
│  ├─checksums
│  │      checksums.lock
│  │
│  └─vcs-1
│  └─wrapper
│          gradle-wrapper.jar
    │  ├─java
    │  │  └─imagesearch
    │  │      └─sample
    │  │    
    │  │
    │  └─resources
        │  └─imagesearch
        │      └─sample
PS C:\Users\user\Documents\temp\imagesearch-sample>

Add dependency

Add SDK for Alibaba Cloud.


 * This file was generated by the Gradle 'init' task.
 * This generated file contains a sample Java project to get you started.
 * For more details take a look at the Java Quickstart chapter in the Gradle
 * User Manual available at

plugins {
    // Apply the java plugin to add support for Java
    id 'java'

    // Apply the application plugin to add support for building a CLI application.
    id 'application'

repositories {
    // Use jcenter for resolving dependencies.
    // You can declare any Maven/Ivy/file repository here.

dependencies {
    // This dependency is used by the application.
    implementation ''
    // Alibaba Cloud
    compile 'com.aliyun:aliyun-java-sdk-imagesearch:2.0.0'
    compile 'com.aliyun:aliyun-java-sdk-core:[4.3.2,5.0.0)'

    // Use JUnit test framework
    testImplementation 'junit:junit:4.12'

application {
    // Define the main class for the application.
    mainClassName = 'imagesearch.sample.App'

Access the previously created Image Search

Use the access key and secret key created last time. Also, set the region and endpoint from the table below. This time, we will set Japan (Tokyo).

region end point
China(Hong Kong)

The images to be searched are placed in / src / resources. This time, I created it with the name "search01.jpg ". 2020-05-19.png

 * This Java source file was generated by the Gradle 'init' task.
package imagesearch.sample;

import java.util.Base64;
import java.util.List;

import com.aliyuncs.DefaultAcsClient;
import com.aliyuncs.IAcsClient;
import com.aliyuncs.imagesearch.model.v20190325.SearchImageRequest;
import com.aliyuncs.imagesearch.model.v20190325.SearchImageResponse;
import com.aliyuncs.profile.DefaultProfile;
import com.aliyuncs.profile.IClientProfile;

public class App {
    /** AccessKey */
    private static final String ACCESS_KEY = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
    /** SeacretKey */
    private static final String KEY_SEACRET = "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY";

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
                //Initialization(Tokyo region)
                DefaultProfile.addEndpoint("ap-northeast-1", "ImageSearch", "");
                IClientProfile profile = DefaultProfile.getProfile("ap-northeast-1", ACCESS_KEY, KEY_SEACRET);
                IAcsClient client = new DefaultAcsClient(profile);
                //Make a request for search
                SearchImageRequest request = new SearchImageRequest();
                //Input Required. Image Search instance name.
                //Convert image to Base64
                ClassLoader loader = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
                InputStream is = loader.getResourceAsStream("search01.jpg ");
                String image = Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString(is.readAllBytes());
                //Search by image
                SearchImageResponse response = client.getAcsResponse(request);
                //search results
                Boolean checkShowJsonItemName = response.checkShowJsonItemName();
                Integer code = response.getCode();
                SearchImageResponse.Head head = response.getHead();
                Integer docsFound = head.getDocsFound();
                Integer docsReturn = head.getDocsReturn();
                Integer searchTime = head.getSearchTime();
                String msg = response.getMsg();
                String requestId = response.getRequestId();
                Boolean success = response.getSuccess();
                SearchImageResponse.PicInfo picInfo = response.getPicInfo();
                List<SearchImageResponse.PicInfo.Category> categories = picInfo.getAllCategories();
                Integer categoryId = picInfo.getCategoryId();
                String region = picInfo.getRegion();
                System.out.printf("checkShowJsonItemName: %s%ncode: %s%ndocsFound: %s%nsearchTime:%s %nmsg: %s%nrequestId: %s%nsucess: %s%ncategoryId: %s%nregion: %s%n", checkShowJsonItemName, code, docsFound, docsReturn, searchTime, msg, requestId, success, categoryId, region);
                categories.forEach(s -> {
                    Integer id = s.getId();
                    String name = s.getName();
                    System.out.printf("Categories %n\tid: %s, name: %s%n", id, name);
                List<SearchImageResponse.Auction> list = response.getAuctions();
                list.forEach(s -> {
                    String productid = s.getProductId();
                    Integer categoryid = s.getCategoryId();
                    String customCountent = s.getCustomContent();
                    Integer intAttr = s.getIntAttr();
                    String picName = s.getPicName();
                    String sortExpValues = s.getSortExprValues();
                    String strAttr = s.getStrAttr();
                    System.out.printf("productId: %s %nCategoryId: %s %ncustomContent: %s %nintAttr: %s %npicName: %s %nsortExpValues: %s %nStrAttr: %s%n", productid, categoryid, customCountent, intAttr, picName, sortExpValues, strAttr);

checkShowJsonItemName: false
code: 0
docsFound: 11
msg: 99
requestId: success
sucess: 85B66F6E-9932-4BF6-A05F-4AA0AF4D7CD5
categoryId: true
region: 9
        id: 0, name: Tops
        id: 1, name: Dress
        id: 2, name: Bottoms
        id: 3, name: Bag
        id: 4, name: Shoes
        id: 5, name: Accessories
        id: 6, name: Snack
        id: 7, name: Makeup
        id: 8, name: Bottle
        id: 9, name: Furniture
        id: 20, name: Toy
        id: 21, name: Underwear
        id: 22, name: Digital device
        id: 88888888, name: Other
productId: 1011
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v12,k2:v211,k3:v311
intAttr: null 
picName: 12.jpg
sortExpValues: 3.07306838035583;217
StrAttr: null
productId: 1010
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v11,k2:v210,k3:v310
intAttr: null
picName: 11.jpg
sortExpValues: 2.97270393371582;222
StrAttr: null
productId: 1008
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v09,k2:v208,k3:v308
intAttr: null
picName: 09.jpg
sortExpValues: 2.87724995613098;238
StrAttr: null
productId: 1009
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v10,k2:v209,k3:v309
intAttr: null
picName: 10.jpg 
sortExpValues: 2.79507827758789;235
StrAttr: null
productId: 1001
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v02,k2:v201,k3:v301
intAttr: null
picName: 02.jpg
sortExpValues: 2.67687916755676;251
StrAttr: null
productId: 1004
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v05,k2:v204,k3:v304 
intAttr: null
picName: 05.jpg
sortExpValues: 2.67470407485962;249
StrAttr: null
productId: 1005
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v06,k2:v205,k3:v305
intAttr: null
picName: 06.jpg
sortExpValues: 2.66586232185364;254
StrAttr: null
productId: 1003
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v04,k2:v203,k3:v303
intAttr: null
picName: 04.jpg
sortExpValues: 2.63756942749023;255
StrAttr: null
productId: 1000
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v01,k2:v200,k3:v300 
intAttr: null 
picName: 01.jpg
sortExpValues: 2.57631182670593;270
StrAttr: null
productId: 1006
CategoryId: 9
customContent: k1:v07,k2:v206,k3:v306
intAttr: null
picName: 07.jpg
sortExpValues: 2.52564144134521;253
StrAttr: null

The same result as the result thrown from the management screen last time was output.

Source code explanation

//Initialization(Tokyo region case
DefaultProfile.addEndpoint({regionId}, {product}, {endpoint});
IClientProfile profile = DefaultProfile.getProfile({regionId}, {accessKeyId}, {secret})
IAcsClient client = new DefaultAcsClient(profile);

For regionId, specify "ap-northeast-1" for the Tokyo region. Set "Image Search" for product and the endpoint URL in the above list for endpoint. product is a fixed value. It is troublesome to check the value of regionId for other regions. .. ..

//Make a request for search
SearchImageRequest request = new SearchImageRequest();
//Input Required. Image Search instance name.

A request for search is prepared for search, and a request object for addition and deletion is prepared for addition and deletion, respectively. Be careful with the instance name.


You must specify the "name" instead of the "ID".

//Search by image
request.setPicContent({BASE64 encoded image});
SearchImageResponse response = client.getAcsResponse(request);

This time I searched by image. You can also search by registered images or narrow down by parameters. We will verify these next time.

Up to here for this time. You can easily search using the SDK.

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