[RUBY] I made an API client for Nature Remo


Recently, I started using Nature Remo and found it convenient, so I made a gem called nature_remo_api of Nature Remo's API Client. This is my first time to make a gem, so I would appreciate it if you could comment if it would be easier to use.

What is Nature Remo?

Excerpt from the official

Smart remote control that allows you to operate home appliances such as air conditioners and TVs with your smartphone

And that.

Until now, it was necessary to manage the remote control for each home appliance, but with Nature Remo, it can be completed with just a smartphone. Recently, the number of home appliances that are connected to the Internet is increasing, but I personally think that Nature Remo is a gadget that can update existing home appliances so that they can be connected to the Internet in a pseudo manner. For details on how to use it, please refer to the Official Site.

The gem I made this time

This is for rubygems! (Because it was my first time to make a gem, I was impressed when it appeared on this page ... lol) https://rubygems.org/gems/nature_remo_api

How to use nature_remo_api


Get an access token

First of all, please get an access token from this page. (There is a link to the page to get an access token in the description of OAuth2)

Set access token to environment variable

Set environment variables

echo 'export NATURE_REMO_ACCESS_TOKEN="Set the acquired token"' >> ~/.bash_profile

Reflect environment variables

source ~/.bash_profile


NatureRemoApi::Client.configure do | config |
  config.access_token = ENV['NATURE_REMO_ACCESS_TOKEN']

client = NatureRemoApi::Client.new

Get user information


API used

Update user information

client.update_user_me(nickname: <nickname>)

API used

Get a list of Nature Remo itself


API used

Updated information on Nature Remo itself

client.update_device(device_id: <device_id>, name: <name>)

API used

Get a list of home appliances


API used

Get a list of signals set in home appliances

client.signals(appliance_id: <appliance_id>)

API used

Send a signal

client.send_signal(signal_id: <signal_id>)

API used

At the end

It's still under development, so I'd like to continue to support more APIs!

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