webApi memorandum in java

Advance preparation

・ The latest version of Eclipse

① How to install eclips https://snome.jp/framework/springboot-install-win/ Completed before using Spring Boot The mystery of the workspace? Eclipse will create a hidden directory called “.metadata” in the directory designated as the workspace, so search for it. ② Java compiler settings No need to set anything ③ How to create WEB API Change Maven's POM based on the sample  https://codezine.jp/article/detail/11380?p=3   ④ Java Spring Boot JSON sending and receiving sample  https://itsakura.com/java-springboot-json#s7 How to put out Hello World https://qiita.com/kuro227/items/d7da647e9f3be78a5f92 URL to access http://localhost:8081/hello/ Reference API spring https://spring.pleiades.io/guides/tutorials/bookmarks/ Maven's POM https://mvnrepository.com/search?q=javax.validation Create a web api server with spring boot https://qiita.com/kuro227/items/d7da647e9f3be78a5f92 Correction points ・HelloWorldController.java ・Syain.java

File (test.html)

Mapping with
    @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public String getHello() {
        return "hello world!";
Mapped here
    @RequestMapping(value = "/index",method = {RequestMethod.POST})
	public Syain output1(
			@RequestBody Syain syain) {
				return syain;

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