[RUBY] When nginx conf is not reflected well in AWS Elastic Beanstalk + Rails environment

■ Method As per the official document, if you place the file under [.platform], it will be reflected.

~/workspace/my-app/ |-- .platform |  `-- nginx |    `-- conf.d |      `-- myconf.conf `-- other source files

■ Official document · Elastic Beanstalk Linux platform extension https://docs.aws.amazon.com/ja_jp/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/platforms-linux-extend.html

■ Bonus The reason why I posted the officially stated content is that it doesn't get caught in the search at all. [413 Request Entity Too Large] conf needs to be edited for error handling, When I looked it up, I found two ways to describe it.

  1. Put [nginx] under [.ebextensions]
  2. Put a file like [01_XXX.config] under [.ebextensions]

I tried these two for a long time, but I didn't say Eun or Sun, and even if I looked it up, I couldn't find any other method ... When I looked at the documentation during deployment, I found the above.

In the case of Java and Go, how to place it in [.ebextensions] is written, I think it's easy to get hooked on the article saying "Rails can do the same thing !!". (I was really into it.) -Increasing client_max_body_size in Nginx conf on AWS Elastic Beanstalk https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18908426/increasing-client-max-body-size-in-nginx-conf-on-aws-elastic-beanstalk

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