[RUBY] Implement Rails account BAN

Implement forced logout

Even on twitter and instagram, my account is banned and I can not log in ... I hope I don't have that experience, This time I would like to implement such a function.

First, prepare a user model with the attribute suspended (boolean) as user. Users with this stop flag set to true cannot log in and We will create a function that denies access to other pages and forces you to log out.

First, implement a method to see if the user model has a stop flag. It seems that you do not have to bother to prepare it as a method, but consider extensibility and create a method as a model.


class User < ApplicationRecord


#Are you an active user?
  def active?

Now change the base controller class. If user is logged in and the stop flag is set I deleted the session and forcibly redirected to the top page.


class User::Base < ApplicationController
  before_action :check_account
    def current_user
      if session[:user_id]
        @current_user ||= User.find_by(id: session[:user_id])

    def check_account
      #When user is logged in and the stop flag is set
      if current_user && !current_user.active?
        #Delete session
        flash.alert = "Account has become invalid"
        #Redirect to top page
        redirect_to :user_root

By calling the check_account method with before_action for all actions You can force a logout for a user who is flagged as stopped.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading to the end.

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