[RUBY] repository The specified gem is bundle installed but not updated to the latest version


If the gemfile has not been updated, you will go to see the commit hash of revision in gemfile.lock.


bundle update gem-name

let's do it


When I went to fork-> PR-> merge to the library used in the company and tried to check it, it was said that the method that should have been added was undefined.

What was solved

First check what you can use


# respond_to?Is the one that checks if a method exists
GemName respond_to? :configure #-> true
GemName respond_to? :new_added_method #-> false

#I noticed that there is no method that I should have entered in PR and check if the gem itself is included without problems
GemName.added_a_lomng_time_ago_method #->Passed

Here, I noticed that the contents of the PR were not completely included and considered that the HEAD might be off.


git clone [email protected]:my-org/gem-name #Clone the original repository instead of fork
git rev-parse HEAD #-> 00ff0012345
git rev-parse master #-> 00ff0012345(Confirm that it is the same as HEAD)

Specify gem with commit hash as a trial because it is not misaligned


gem 'gem-name', git: '[email protected]:my-org/gem-name', ref: '00ff0012345'

#bundle install


GemName.new_added_method #->I passed!

So, when I checked gemfile.lock, revision changed. This is the cause …………

After this


gem 'gem-name', git: '[email protected]:my-org/gem-name', branch: 'master'

But there was no problem. Well, it is expected because revision became HEAD when commit hash was specified.

What to do

Well, install is done based on gemfile.lock, so it is natural to say, but I had to use bundle update. I was completely distracted by the fact that I specified the repository directly and completely forgot. If you want to update at the same time as bundle install, you need to create an executable file to do it all at once.

Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8324334/bundler-always-use-latest-revision-of-git-branch-in-gemfile

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