[RUBY] A memorandum of the FizzBuzz problem

The FizzBuzz problem that appeared in yesterday's drill.

As a model answer,

def fizz_buzz
  num = 1
  while num <= 100 do
    if num % 15 == 0
      puts "FizzBuzz"
    elsif num % 3 == 0
      puts "Fizz"
    elsif num % 5 == 0
      puts "Buzz"
      puts num

    num = num + 1


That was the correct answer, When I used rubocop,

def fizz_buzz
  num = 1
  while num <= 100
    if (num % 15).zero?
      puts 'FizzBuzz'
    elsif (num % 3).zero?
      puts 'Fizz'
    elsif (num % 5).zero?
      puts 'Buzz'
      puts num
    num += 1


In the form of Enclose the formula in () and judge "whether or not the value is 0", Another description (accidentally) using the zero? method was made.

As for rubocop, I think it would be nice to have a clean and tidy description as much as possible.

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