Use Docker on your M1 Mac

Public preview for M1 Mac will be available from December 16th

Described in the following article. It's Public preview 7.

Download it here. Installation is usually D & D from dmg to the application. Overwriting is no longer working, so I think it's OK to do it (laughs) You may be asked to authenticate by installing the helper, or you may have to log in again with the GUI after installation. Also, it does not start automatically, so please start it yourself. Otherwise, at the terminal

docker-compose build


docker-compose up

But it doesn't start. Obviously.

Impressions used

It's working fine, but I'm still getting red messages, but my nuxt environment is working.

PHP etc. will be investigated in the future

It has not been verified whether the PHP + Laravel used on the backend server works properly.

So you can buy an M1 Mac.

I ran it on a ``` M1 MacBook Air (Core8 + 16GB memory)` ``. It works without any fever.

The UI has changed a bit.

The UI looks like this these days, but it was fresh because I had been cutting it all the time.

Farewell Intel

Don't buy an Intel Mac. The battery life is too different. I'm running docker, but the battery is messed up. can not believe.

Which is better, Macbook Pro?

It doesn't matter which one, but most people think that the MBA has 16GB of memory. It was crispy if it was about iMovie. Premier hasn't run yet. I think this is fine because Zoom is working properly. Both Unity and Unreal worked fast. It's an x86 version that I haven't really taken out yet.

The only problem with M1 mac

Homebrew isn't fully supported and may be interfering with Bluetooth mouse communication behind the scenes. I've been doing various things with Apple, but I haven't been able to find the cause yet. It seems like it's only a matter of time, whether the OS responds faster or Homebrew improves faster.

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