Notes on building Kotlin development environment and migrating from Java to Kotlin

I'm going to shift system development from Java to Kotlin, and I'll leave a note of my research. I'm a server-side person, and I'm summarizing Kotlin's server-side content.

What is Kotlin (reading "Kotlin")?

Kotlin is an object-oriented programming language developed by JetBrains, which is famous for IntelliJ IDEA, a Java integrated development environment. The language syntax itself is a proprietary method that is not compatible with Java, but since the compiled code runs on the Java VM (virtual machine), it has the feature that ** many of the existing Java assets can be diverted **. I'm waiting.

Regarding the point that "many of the existing Java assets can be diverted", for those who have used Java so far, past assets can be diverted and the environment can coexist. , I decided to move to Kotlin from now on.

About building a development environment

The mainstream of Kotlin is to use IntelliJ, but since I am an Eclipse sect, I will build a development environment centered on Eclipse. The site that served as a reference at that time was here, and it was easier than I expected because it can be installed at the market price.

About coding

As for coding, you have to remember the minimum by looking at the reference etc. .. ..

How to make a project

For Spring boot projects, Kotlin supports it and you can choose kotlin when you create the project.

You can easily create an ordinary project.

However, Maven's Kotlin project struggles a lot.

I want a little more summarized one.

About migrating from Java

I think that the site I referred to here is IntelliJ, but the automatic conversion function from Java to Kotlin also exists in the Eclipse version. When migrating from Java, I think it is very convenient to first convert with this function and then make Kotlin the details.

If you are using Lombok, you will get an error when compiling, so this seems to be the cause.


For the time being, I tried to summarize the reference sites for migrating from Java to Kotlin, but I want the overall flow to be a little easier to understand.

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