[JAVA] Try WildFly with Docker

WildFly Official Image is published on Docker Hub, so use it to try WildFly.


You can start it with the following command.

docker run -d --name demo -p 8080:8080 -p 9990:9990 \
    jboss/wildfly /opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/standalone.sh \
    -b= -bmanagement=

8080 is the port that publishes the application and 9990 is the port of the management console.

I'm using /opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/standalone.sh because I'm running in standalone mode. If you start in domain mode, it's /opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/domain.sh.

I have added -b = to the boot option, but without it I can't connect from outside the container (that is, I can't connect at http: // localhost: 8080). The same is true for -bmanagement =, which is an option for the management console.

After starting, add an administrative user. You can add an admin user with the username admin and password secret with the following command:

docker exec demo /opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/add-user.sh admin secret --silent

Once you have added an admin user, try opening the admin console. The URL is http: // localhost: 9990.

Deploy the application

We have prepared Application for hello world with JAX-RS, so please try clone at hand.

Deploy with wildfly-maven-plugin

Let's use wildfly-maven-plugin.

You can deploy with the following command:

mvn wildfly:deploy

The plugin settings are as follows.


By the way, using id seems to use the server authentication information written in Maven's settings.xml. In that case, username and password are not needed.

After deploying, check the operation with the following command.

curl http://localhost:8080/api/hello

After checking the operation, undeploy with the following command.

mvn wildfly:undeploy

Deploy with jboss-cli

Next, let's send the WAR file to the container and then deploy it with jboss-cli.

First, send the WAR file to the container with the following command (create the WAR file with mvn package).

docker cp target/demo-for-wildfly-0.1-SNAPSHOT.war demo:/tmp/

Then deploy with the following command:

docker exec demo /opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/jboss-cli.sh --connect \
 --command="deploy /tmp/demo-for-wildfly-0.1-SNAPSHOT.war --name=ROOT.war"

After deploying, check the operation with the following command.

curl http://localhost:8080/api/hello

This method also describes the undeploy command.

docker exec demo /opt/jboss/wildfly/bin/jboss-cli.sh --connect \
 --command="undeploy ROOT.war"

in conclusion

I was able to easily try WildFly using Docker (although it's easy enough because I just download it and run standalone.sh without using Docker).

that's all.

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