[JAVA] FindBugs-IDEA error


I wanted to do static analysis, so I installed FindBugs on Android Stuido, but it didn't work with an error. I got the following error.

Error:Internal error: (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException) com.google.wireless.android.sdk.stats.IntellijIndexingStats$Index

At first I thought the settings were wrong, but apparently it wasn't.


Apparently FindBugs can't be used after java9 ...

The FindBugs plugin has been deprecated and will be removed in Gradle 6.0 as FindBugs is unmaintained and does not support bytecode compiled for Java 9 and above. Consider using the SpotBugs plugin instead.



I want you to consider using SpotBugs on the above site


I didn't understand the meaning of the error, so I'm glad I solved it. Consider SpotBugs.

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