2017 IDE for Java

To be honest, it's ridiculous for someone like me to say. There is always a summary of more knowledgeable and intelligent people.

However, the content of the subject is described with the preamble that it is an individual view.

If you are looking for a better article, we recommend that you search again. BlueJ and Jgrasp are already at the "Is there such a thing?" Level.

-[Java IDE] Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans 3 major Java IDEs compared (2017 version)


Well, the introduction has become longer. The following three are targeted at this time. On top of that, we do not ask for indicators or standards, but describe the impression that accompanies the personal feeling of use.

  1. Eclipse
  2. IntelliJ
  3. NetBeans

Eclipse Needless to say, it's the de facto standard. However, these days, there are many voices such as "obsolete," "slow," "heavy," and "updates are not in time," and the momentum of the past is being lost.

As it is said. Support for Java8, Java9, JavaEE7, and JavaEE8 feels like a step forward and cannot be used for early access. It hangs when launching plugins and configuring indexes, and often cleans the development environment. That is often the case. (Early Access is that kind of thing, if you're told that you're wrong in building a hung environment, that's right.)

Even so, the amount of information that comes from the accumulated plug-ins, knowledge, and the population parameter of users cannot be ignored. Also, it is worth noting that there is a wealth of information in Japanese, and if there is something you don't understand, or if you get stuck, you can search for it and solve it immediately. It's easy to install, and it feels like it's a de facto standard, so it seems that some other software is familiar to you, and the initial cost is low. Well, maybe the ones that Eclipse follows and the ones that follow Eclipse do that ...

The usage of memory, disk, and CPU resources is millionaire, but I think it is an anachronism to say "Be poor!" In the IDE these days.

I think it occupies an important position as an option in terms of smoothing user skills and tool proficiency.

IntelliJ If Eclipse is a solid and well-known figure, IntelliJ would be a rising star of crushing momentum. (It's been a long time since the OSS Community Edition appeared ...)

It has already secured its position in the neighborhood, has many introductory articles and comparative articles, and is quick to respond to new environments such as Android, Java8, and Java9. It has built-in support for powerful debugging tools, code completion, and Git. Because of these characteristics, it may be suitable for projects with advanced requirements and for use by evangelists in the group.

However, probably because the development is in the Czech Republic, there is a feeling of operation such as unfamiliar key bindings and menu structure. Perhaps because of the powerful code completion, I still feel that it is a weak machine. Another drawback is that Community Edition does not support deploying to AP containers.

NetBeans It is an IDE made by Oracle and is strongly recommended as a Java official. But.

Oracle provides NetBeans to Apache Foundation

Hmm ... Oracle doesn't have a good image of OSS, like Open Solaris.

Usability is standard, good or bad, key bindings and menus are easy to get used to, and there is support for AP containers. It's not a resource eater, so I think it's a general-purpose software.

Hmm ...


So far, I have stated my feelings. In conclusion, the image is "Eclipse in a hard place" and "IntelliJ if you want to move on".

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