[JAVA] Get the type of an array element to determine if it is an array

This is not necessary in a normal program, but when creating a library, such processing may be necessary. The execution environment is JDK 1.6.


package jp.avaj.lib.algo;

import jp.avaj.lib.test.ArTest;
import jp.avaj.lib.test.L;

class Tips0022 {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    String nonArray = "aaaa";
    Integer[] integerArray = new Integer[]{
    int[] intArray = new int[] {
    String[] strArray = new String[] {
      //Size zero
    //I forgot what the above variables are, so let's find out
    //Start a test case
    boolean result;
    // nonArray
      //Check if it is an array
      result = nonArray.getClass().isArray();
    // integerArray
      //Check if it is an array.
      result = integerArray.getClass().isArray();
      //Get the type of elements in an array
      L.p("Elements of integerArray="+integerArray.getClass().getComponentType().getName());
      //Check if the elements of the array are primitive
      result = integerArray.getClass().getComponentType().isPrimitive();
    // intArray
      //Check if it is an array
      result = intArray.getClass().isArray();
      //Get the type of elements in an array
      L.p("Elements of intArray="+intArray.getClass().getComponentType().getName());
      //Check if the elements of the array are primitive
      result = intArray.getClass().getComponentType().isPrimitive();
    // strArray
      //Check if it is an array
      result = strArray.getClass().isArray();
      //Get the type of elements in an array
      L.p("Elements of strArray="+strArray.getClass().getComponentType().getName());
      //Check if the elements of the array are primitive
      result = strArray.getClass().getComponentType().isPrimitive();
    //End the test case

The result is as follows.


**** Tips0022 start ****
OK nonArray:result=false
OK integerArray:result=true
Elements of integerArray=java.lang.Integer
OK integerArray:result=false
OK intArray:result=true
Elements of intArray=int
OK intArray:result=true
OK strArray:result=true
Elements of strArray=java.lang.String
OK strArray:result=false
**** Tips0022 summary ****
test count = 7
success    = 7

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