[RUBY] Create a filtering function using acts-as-taggable-on


Advance preparation

The following functions are assumed to have been created.

--Posting function --Post details --Install gem --Create table --Introduction of ransack


--Save tags --Display in view --Implementation of narrowing down

Save tag

Add the following to the model you want to tag.



Add the following to the strong parameters to save. I will also post create just in case.


 def create
    @micropost = Micropost.new(micropost_params.merge(user_id: current_user.id))
    if @micropost.save
      redirect_to @micropost, flash:{success: "Posted"}
      render :new

 def show
    @micropost = Micropost.find(params[:id])


 def micropost_params
   params.require(:micropost).permit(:content, :image, :tag_list)

Create and view views

Add the following to your view: Create an input view and a display view.


= form_with model:  micropost, local: true do |f|
    = f.label :tag
    //,Separated by
    = f.text_field :tag_list, value: @micropost.tag_list.join(","), class: "form-control"
  = f.submit "Send", class: "btn btn-primary"


        th = Micropost.human_attribute_name(:tag)
          - @micropost.tag_list.each do |tag|
            = link_to tag, microposts_path(tag_name: tag), class: "micropost_tags__link"

Implementation of filtering function


  def index
    @q = Micropost.ransack(params[:q])
    if params[:tag_name]
      #Returns information for the same selected post
      @microposts = Micropost.tagged_with(params[:tag_name]).page(params[:page])
    elsif params[:q]
      #Return a list of posts
      @microposts = @q.result(distinct: true).page(params[:page])
      @microposts = Micropost.page(params[:page])

At the end

If you make a mistake, please make an edit request or comment.

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