[JAVA] About redirect and forward

I am a beginner in programming. Output what you learned as a method to move the processing page to another page with JSP and Servlet.

Q: What is the difference between redirect and forward?

A: The process until the transition is different

redirect   ↓ (1) A request from the client to display page A on the server. (2) Instruct the client to move from page A to page B from the server. ③ Redirect instruction from client to server to move to page B ④ The result of page B is sent from the server

forward   ↓ ① Request page A from the client to the server (2) The server automatically copies the process to page B and sends the result to the client.

Basically forward is better!

Because ... ** ・ Request information can be taken over ** ** ・ Better performance than redirect ** etc ....

Timing to use redirect

・ When accessing an external server

[Reference source] https://www.atmarkit.co.jp/ait/articles/0407/06/news077.html

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