Change the file name and output destination of the JavaVM error file

Change the file name and output destination of the JavaVM error file

Change file name and output destination

Setting method

hs_err_pid .log is usually created in the current directory, but the directory and filename can be changed as desired. Change with Java application startup option "-XX: ErrorFile = file name"

ErrorFile=/tmp/errlog%p.log HelloWorld

 If% p is specified, the process number will be entered.

### Confirmation method
```kill -sigsegv <pid>```Send a signal to the relevant process.

## Output core file
 Since core file output is disabled by default on Linux, it is recommended to enable core file output with ```ulimit -c unlimited``` before starting a Java application. However, be aware that if it occurs frequently, the core file will put pressure on the disk.

 Use ```ulimit -a``` to check what the current limit setting is. (```ulimit -c``` to check only the core file)

## reference
 * [Java Platform, Standard Edition Troubleshooting Guide> Location of Fatal Error Logs](

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