[JAVA] [jOOQ] How to CASE WHEN in the WHERE / AND / OR clause

You can derive what you want to do (code you want to write) from the SQL you want to execute based on the jOOQ manual. I was thinking about it, but for some reason I took a lot of time, so make a note so that I can remember it.


jOOQ manual


Thing you want to do

Expressing the following CASE WHEN statement in jOOQ

-- (Suitable example)
--Specific person under 30 years old(ID)If the monthly salary is the same, other people double it and it does not reach 500,000 yen, it will be a hit
FROM person
WHERE person.age < 30
    WHEN person.id IN (100, 1000)
    THEN person.salary
    ELSE person.salary * 2
) < 500000;

jOOQ Like this

//Omitted before WHERE
      person.getId().in(100, 1000),

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