[JAVA] What I did when I stumbled on IntelliJ gradle 2.2 → 2.6 environment migration


When I was forced to replace my PC at the company and had no choice but to migrate the gradle environment of IntelliJ, I stumbled on it. Make a note of what you did to resolve it at that time.

Before I knew it, Gradle's icon became an elephant ~


Original environment

Post-migration environment

Conclusion first

For the time being, if I followed the steps below, it worked in the same way as the original environment.

  1. Copy the ".idea" folder from the original environment and put it in the project folder
  2. Open the folder you want to open from intelliJ with "inport project"
  3. When I build.garadle, I get the following error, so increase gradle to 2.6 according to that
  4. If you build.garadle again, it will probably pass
Support for builds using Gradle versions older than 2.6 was removed in tooling API version 5.0. You are currently using Gradle version 2.2. You should upgrade your Gradle build to use Gradle 2.6 or later.

Possible solution:
 - Upgrade Gradle wrapper to 2.6 version and re-import the project

What were you stumbling upon

Maybe it's normal for people who are used to IntelliJ, It seems that "import project" cannot be done without the ".idea" folder. It took me a long time to realize that.

Originally, when I took over, even if there is no ".idea", if you "Open" the folder with build.gradle I feel like I was able to find build.gradle without permission, but it worked. In the new environment, gradle 2.2 was not supported at the time of migration, so I wonder if it could not be opened successfully ...? I think. By the way, even from "Open", I did the build street while I was kettled. I couldn't use code completion at all because I didn't find any libraries. .. ..

If you want to move the unsupported gradle environment to IntelliJ on another PC, If you normally "Open" the folder with build.gradle, ImportProjectFromGradle will open, If you set it to Auto-Import, you should be able to easily migrate. ..

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