Install Arduino IDE on Ubuntu 20.04


  1. It's easier than
  2. The location where you executed ./ will be the installation destination, so you need to move to the installation destination first.

Confirmation environment


Here, the installation destination of Arduino IDE is ~/.local /. You need to reboot once.

--Download from

$ tar xvf ~/Downloads/arduino-1.8.13-linux64.tar.xz
$ mkdir -p ~/.local/
$ mv arduino-1.8.13 ~/.local/
$ cd ~/.local/arduino-1.8.13/
$ bash $USER
$ sudo systemctl reboot

After reboot

$ cd ~/.local/arduino-1.8.13/
$ sudo bash

If you have arduino-arduinoide.desktop on your desktop, you can launch it by right-clicking and selecting" Allow Trajectory "in the context menu.

A little commentary will add $ USER to the dialout group and so on, so permission issues like / dev/ttyACM ** will be cleared up.


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