[RAILS] Explain the column of Spree :: Product

If you are using solidus, it will be like "...?" For beginners. The fact that you are reading this article gives you a little overview, and what kind of column does "Spree :: Product" have? I think it's a place to say. : point_up: Therefore, this time, I will briefly introduce and explain the columns in "Spree :: Product".

Solidus version

solidus 2.0.9

Column introduction and description

Let's take a look at id = 1 of Spree :: Product. スクリーンショット 2020-10-17 15.41.43.png Now let's talk about the columns here.

id id. Lol

name Product name.

description (description)

Product introduction.

available_on (available)

The date when it will be available for purchase in the store. If not set, it will not be displayed.

deleted_at (delete)

The opposite of available_on, the date when you can no longer buy at the store.

slug (IT term: position code)

It has a meaning such as "code indicating the position" (IT terminology). There is a function that allows you to specify the last part of the URL (permalink) as an arbitrary character string, and it is also related to SEO.

meta_description (meta: higher order ~)

Description for SEO and for search engines.

meta_keywords Keywords for SEO and search engines.

tax_category_id Product tax classification

shipping_category_id (shipping)

Specify shipping charges.

created_at The date and time when the product was made.

updated_at The date and time when the product was updated.

promotionable Generate an amount based on the Promotion rule.

meta_title For HTML title tags. If left blank, name will be substituted.

Explaining Spree :: Taxon columns https://qiita.com/roooll12/items/6f1dda6c5f4ea16e0c4c

Explaining the columns of Spree :: Taxonomy https://qiita.com/roooll12/items/8b788e01309f0593934b

I hope it helps fledgling solidus developers understand the Spree :: Product model!

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