[RUBY] [Form with two arguments] rails, form_for / form_with arguments



■ Understanding form ■ Understanding the association

【Development environment】

■ Mac OS catalina ■ Ruby on Rails ( ■ Virtual Box:6.1 ■ Vagrant: 2.2.7

In the curriculum

form_for[@post, @comment].....


up until this point, form_for(@post)....

There was one argument, why two? ?? ??

The reason is that you have to pass two arguments.

In this case, because it is ** association **

Post: comment = 1: Many

So we need to give a value to both post and comment ...


Become form_for [@post, @comment] !!!!

that's all, If you have any corrections, please FB! !!

[I want to read it together]

■ About comment function implementation https://qiita.com/tanaka-yu3/items/93d94b1ede8fb4be2981

■ About form_with https://qiita.com/tanaka-yu3/items/50f54f5d4f4b8dfe19f3

■ Method list https://qiita.com/tanaka-yu3/items/89abad875187494bec53

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