[Rails] How to write exception handling?

What is exception handling?

Exception handling is to handle when an error occurs. It is convenient to write exception handling to identify the cause of the error and prevent problems on the system side.

How to write exception handling

Basic form of begin, rescue

Enclose the part that is likely to be the target of the error with begin, and write the processing when the error occurs in rescue.

  100 / 0
  p "Does not break at 0"

puts "Good morning"

Write with one liner

It is also possible to write with one liner.

sample_1 = 10 / 0 rescue 0

sample_2 = 10 / nil rescue 0

puts sample_1 #=>0
puts sample_2 #=>0

Get the error content (e)

You can also specify an argument after rescue to store the error content in a variable.

  10 / 0
rescue => e
  puts e #=> divided by 0

Conditional branch for each error

Alternatively, by specifying an error message after rescue, You can make a conditional branch to decide which error to take and what to do.

  10 / 0
rescue NoMethodError
  puts "There is no method"
rescue ZeroDivisionError
  puts "Does not break at 0"

How to use raise

It is used when you want to explicitly generate an error and interrupt the process when the parameters are not expected or when an unauthorized access occurs.

  raise NoMethodError #The class of exception you want to raise
rescue => e
  puts e

It is also possible to output an error message.

  raise RuntimeError, "Run-time error"
rescue => e
  puts e

How to use retry

If you get an error, you can go back to begin and run it again.

num = 0
  puts 10 / num
rescue ZeroDivisionError => e
  puts e
  num = 1
  retry #Run the begin block again

puts "Finished"

How to use ensure

You can write a process that will be executed with or without an exception.

  puts "No exception"
rescue => e
  puts e
  puts "Absolutely run here!"

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