How to write docker-compose

How to write docker-compose.yaml


version: '3'
     image: ubuntu
     container_name: ubuntu01
     tty: true
       - ".:/var/log"

Explain the meaning based on the sample

version: '3'
# docker-The version of compose. I rarely use anything other than 3
#Name the combination name of the container
#Name the combination name myweb. You can choose the name you like
     image: centos
#Specify the image of the container. When specifying the version`centos:7`Described as. If no version is specified, the latest version is automatically specified.
     container_name: my-centos
#Specify the name of the container to be created. You can choose the name you like. It is easier to understand later if you specify it.
     tty: true
#Specify that Bash is in the input waiting state (It is not necessary to specify it in the system that opens the port and listens like nginx and mysql)
#Specify the path to synchronize.
       - ".:/var/log"
#Host path:Describe the path to be synchronized in the form of container path. The above is the host's current directory and container/var/log directory is connected

Reference 1: Batan's technical blog

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