[RUBY] When importing CSV with Rails, it was really easy to use the nkf command

When importing a CSV file with Rails, I implemented it like this.

def read_csv
    rows = CSV.read(file, encoding: 'UTF-8')
  rescue CSV::MalformedCSVError
      #csv file is UTF-Shift if not 8_Read in JIS
      rows = CSV.read(file, encoding: 'Shift_JIS')
    rescue CSV::MalformedCSVError, Encoding::InvalidByteSequenceError, Encoding::UndefinedConversionError
        #csv file is UTF-8 ・ Shift_If it is not JIS
        @error = 'File encoding is UTF-8 or Shift_It is not JIS.'
  rows&.shift #Remove header


There are a lot of exception handling and it is troublesome, and there are only two character codes that can be imported in the first place ...


Apparently anything can be converted using a module called nkf ... https://docs.ruby-lang.org/ja/latest/class/NKF.html

--Install nkf on your PC

brew install nkf
nkf -w --overwrite path of the file you want to convert

If you use this command, you can convert it to a good feeling.

--Try embedding this command in Rails.

def read_csv(file)
  system("nkf -w --overwrite #{file.path}")
  rows = CSV.read(file)
  rows&.shift #Remove the header on the first line

The code is clean.

important point

Please note that you cannot use the nkf command unless you install nkf with the brew install nkf command etc. in advance.

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