[RUBY] [Note] Rails3 routing confirmation


This time, as the title suggests, I will leave the method of checking the routing in Rails. Since the version of the system I'm touching is old, I couldn't check it with a web browser and it got stuck ...


Rails 3.0.19 docker-compose version 2

Check with a command from the Docker container

1. Start the service container

docker-compose up -d

-d: Detached mode: Run container in background and show new container name

2. Enter the container where rails is installed (this time app container)

docker-compose run app /bin/bash

The command changes depending on the version of docker or Rails. The most recent commands are as follows.

docker-compose exec app bash

3. Execute the routing confirmation command

[root@[Container ID] trunk]# bundle exec rake routes

If you use the above command, all the records will be output and it will be difficult to see, so it is easier to see if you use the grep command.

[root@[Container ID] trunk]# bundle exec rake routes | grep [Character string you want to narrow down]


Docker Document Japaneseization Project [docker-compose command] (https://qiita.com/nikadon/items/995c5705ff1171f7484d)

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