[JAVA] WebMvcConfigurer Memorandum of Understanding for Spring Boot 2.0 (Spring 5)


I courageously changed the app I made with Spring Boot 1.5.10 to Spring Boot 2.0, but the WebMvcConfigurerAdapter was deprecated, so make a note. It's because Spring4 → Spring5.

Addendum) 2.0.0 I summarized all the things about migration in here.

Javadoc teacher taught me


as of 5.0 WebMvcConfigurer has default methods (made possible by a Java 8 baseline) and can be implemented directly without the need for this adapter

I see, java8 or later is required from Spring5, so the default method can be used.


** WebMvcConfig.java before change **

WebMvcConfig before change.java

public class WebMvcConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter

** Modified WebMvcConfig.java **

WebMvcConfig after change.java

public class WebMvcConfig implements WebMvcConfigurer

only this.



Thymeleaf's own Dialect is also an error!

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