Count the number of digits after the decimal point in Java

I want to do

I want to count the number after the decimal point.

input(Float) output(int)
0.0 0
1.0 0
0.1 1
11.1 1
0.001 3


public int getPrecision(Float val){
  //In Java, the method of converting from Float to int is a lot of useless processing, so count it as a character string.
  String str = String.valueOf(val);

  //The end of the sentence".0"And".00000"All those ending with are 0 digits
    return 0;

  int index = str.indexOf(".");
  return str.substring(index + 1).length();


I can do what I want to do.

Below, the story I was addicted to making this

First, the regular expression part


When I wrote it as, the output became strange.

Input 0.0 Output 1 ← Wrong
Input 0.1 Output 1 ← Correct


When I debug it,


that? Does not match

Actually, this code was synonymous with the following code.



When using the String.matches method in java, use a regex that includes ^ and $

// \\.0+$When you want to use the regular expression of. .. ..


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