How to start TOMCAT by specifying JAVA_HOME on Windows

Depending on your company's security policy, you may not be able to change the windows environment variables. However, since the developer may need to set up a server on the local terminal, the method to start TOMCAT by specifying "JAVA_HOME" without changing the environment variable at that time is described below.


The following items must be downloaded and deployed locally. 1.JDK 2.TOMCAT In the following procedure, the JDK is expanded to "Program Files", but there is a method to extract it without using the installer, so if you use that method, start TOMCAT from the JDK download without using the installer. All of the above can be implemented by bypassing the security policy. (For how to extract the JDK without using the installer, create a separate page.)

Step 1 Check the extraction destination of the JDK

tempsnip.png In the capture, it is "C: \ Program Files \ Java \ jdk1.8.0_161".

Step 2 Check the storage location of the TOMCAT startup batch.

tempsnip.png In the capture, it is "C: \ 00_myspace \ 01_server \ 01_tomcat \ apache-tomcat-9.0.6 \ bin".

Step 3 Start the command prompt.


Step 4 Set JAVA_HOME.

set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_161


Step 5 Move to the storage destination of the TOMCAT startup batch.

cd C:\00_myspace\01_server\01_tomcat\apache-tomcat-9.0.6\bin


Step 6 Execute the TOMCAT startup batch.



Step 7 Confirm the startup with a browser.

URL:localhost:8080 image.png

As mentioned above, the above procedure is the procedure to start TOMCAT without setting environment variables.

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