Memorandum (Ruby: Basic grammar: Iterative processing)

times method

A method that can iterate a specified number of times

Numerical value.times do
  #Repeated processing

Block variable

Variables that can only be used in methods,||Surround with The block variable of the times method is assigned a numerical value that increases by 1 from 0 each time the iterative process is executed.

Numerical value.times do |Block variable|
  #Repeated processing (block variables starting from 0 can be used)


10.times do |i|
  puts i + 1
#Processing to add 1 to the block variable starting from 0

each method

A method that can iterate over each array as many times as there are elements in the array By placing a block, the block variable will contain the elements of the array

Array.each do |item|
#each followed by do~Describe the process you want to repeat between end


colors = ["Grime", "Blue", "yellow"]
colors.each do |color|
  puts "color: #{color}"


% ruby loop.rb

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