[JAVA] How to mock a super method call in PowerMock


In JUnit using Mockito and Powermock, I had to mock the processing of the parent class using super, so I made a note of it. If you look it up, you can use PowerMockito.suppress () quite a bit, but if you use suppress (), it will only be skipped, and you should return the mock object you expected. I was in a state where I couldn't execute the subsequent processing of JUnit successfully.

Tested class

The sample code is shown below. The DTO class is omitted.

Parent class

public class Parent {

	public OutputDto execute (InputDto input) {
		OutputDto out = new OutputDto();
		return out;

Child class

public class Child extends Parent {

	public OutputDto execute (InputDto input) {
		OutputDto out = super.execute(input);
		out.setText(out.getText()+" updated in Child.");
		return out;

The point is that in the child class, super.execute () is done and the return value is expected.

JUnit test class

@PrepareForTest({Parent.class})//Specify parent
public class MockSuperTest {

	//Tested class
	private Child child;

	public void setUp() throws Exception {

	public void testExecute1() {
		//Input data preparation
		InputDto input = new InputDto();
		OutputDto result = new OutputDto();
		result.setText("hello updated in Child.");

		try {
			Method method = child.getClass().getMethod("execute", InputDto.class);
				new InvocationHandler() {
					public Object invoke(Object proxy, Method method, Object[] args) throws Throwable {
						System.out.println("replaced execute()!!");
						return result;
		} catch (Exception e) {

		OutputDto testOut = child.execute(input);
		assertEquals(result.getText(), testOut.getText());

Execution result

When you run JUnit above,

replaced execute()!!

Then, after calling ╩╗execute ()of the child class,super.execute ()is replaced with the content specified byPowerMockito.replace ()`.

By the way,

@PrepareForTest({Child.class})//Specify a child
public class MockSuperTest {

If you specify the place in the child class, the result will be

replaced execute()!!

Directly change ╩╗execute ()` of the neighboring child class. Of course if you run it normally


Is the expected value.

that's all.

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