[RUBY] (For beginners) [Rails] Time saving tech! How to install and use slim


I will explain how to install and use the Ruby template engine slim: relaxed: In Rails, I write html in a file called html.erb, but it is a little troublesome to fill in<h1> </ h1>and<%%>every time. With slim, you can write html more concisely and reduce the development effort.

1. slim introduction method

gem 'slim-rails'
#Gem for using slim with rails

gem 'html2slim'
# html.erb html.Gem to convert to slim
bundle install

bundle exec erb2slim app/views app/views

bundle exec erb2slim app/views app/views -d
git log
#Examine the hash value
git reset --hard hash value
#The hash value that came out--Enter after hard to return to the specified commit.

2. slim writing

List the basic usage of slim.

How to write <%%>

<% if %>

- if

How to write <% =%>

<%= puts hoge %>

= puts hoge

How to write text


 | hoge

How to write a heading tag


h2 hogehoge

How to write id

<div id = id></div>

# id

How to write a class

<div class = hoge></div>


How to write a comment

<!-- hoge -->


If you compare html and slim, you can see that it is very simple to write.

Reference article

If you would like to know more detailed information, please refer to the following URL.



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