Library "OSHI" to get system information in Java


This is a memo about a library called OSHI that can get system information in Java.

Difference from Sigar

There is another library to get system information, but OSHI is better in the following points.

--Sigar requires native binaries such as DLLs, but OSHI does not. --Sigar cannot be used on Java 9 or later (JVM crashes!) For Windows version, but OSHI can be used without problems.



dependencies {
    compile group: 'com.github.oshi', name: 'oshi-core', version: '3.13.0'

Try using

I will introduce an appropriate excerpt of the information that can be obtained with OSHI. The comment on the right is the output result in my environment.

OS information

var si = new SystemInfo();
var os = si.getOperatingSystem();
//OS type
System.out.println(os.getFamily());  // macOS
System.out.println(os.getVersion().getVersion());  // 10.14.2
System.out.println(os.getManufacturer());  // Apple
//How many bits
System.out.println(os.getBitness());  // 64
//Code name
System.out.println(os.getVersion().getCodeName());  // Mojave

CPU information

var si = new SystemInfo();
var hard = si.getHardware();
var cpu = hard.getProcessor();
//Number of physical processes
System.out.println(cpu.getPhysicalProcessorCount());  // 4
//Number of logical processes
System.out.println(cpu.getLogicalProcessorCount());  // 8
System.out.println(cpu.getName());  // Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4870HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
System.out.println(cpu.getIdentifier());  // Intel64 Family 6 Model 70 Stepping 1
//Vendor ID
System.out.println(cpu.getVendor());  // GenuineIntel
//Number of context switches
System.out.println(cpu.getContextSwitches());  // 130336
//Road average
System.out.println(cpu.getSystemLoadAverage());  // 2.65576171875

Memory information

var si = new SystemInfo();
var hard = si.getHardware();
var memory = hard.getMemory();
//Total memory capacity
System.out.println(memory.getTotal());  // 17179869184
//Total swap capacity
System.out.println(memory.getSwapTotal());  // 1073741824
//Page size
System.out.println(memory.getPageSize());  // 4096
//Usable capacity
System.out.println(memory.getAvailable());  // 5858844672

USB device

var si = new SystemInfo();
var hard = si.getHardware();
var usbs = hard.getUsbDevices(false);
for(var usb : usbs) {
    //There are various things, so I will focus on the mouse for the time being
    if(usb.getName().contains("Mouse")) {
        System.out.println(usb.getName());  // USB Laser Mouse
        System.out.println(usb.getVendor());  // Logitech


var si = new SystemInfo();
var hard = si.getHardware();
var sensor = hard.getSensors();
//CPU temperature
System.out.println(sensor.getCpuTemperature());  // 48.75
//CPU voltage
System.out.println(sensor.getCpuVoltage());  // 3.63
//CPU fan speed
System.out.println(Arrays.toString(sensor.getFanSpeeds()));  // [2159, 2000]


I can't introduce all of them because there are so many, but you can get various information such as file system information, disk information, process information, sound card information, power supply information, etc.

Reference link

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