[RUBY] [Rails] I want to display "XX minutes ago" using created_at!


In this article, when displaying the creation date and time with Rails created_at, it describes how to display it as "XX minutes ago" instead of the conventional time notation. The completed image is as follows. スクリーンショット 2021-01-12 22.01.28.png

Development environment


** ① Set Japanese **

First, set Japanese. Write the following in the application.rb file of config


config.i18n.default_locale = :ja

** ② Create a Japanese yaml file **

Next, write the settings in the yaml file as to what kind of Japanese notation to use. Ja.yml related to Japanese is not included in Rails by default, so please create it referring to the following. Create the ja.yml file under config/locales.


        one:About 1 hour
        one:About 1 month
        one:About 1 year
        one:Less than a year
        other: "%{count}Less than a year"
      half_a_minute:Around 30 seconds
        one:Within 1 second
        other: "%{count}Less than a second"
        one:Within 1 minute
        other: "%{count}Less than a minute"
        one:over 1 year
        other: "%{count}Over a year"
        one:1 second
        other: "%{count}Seconds"
        one:1 minute
        other: "%{count}Minutes"
        one:1 day
        other: "%{count}Day"
        one:1 month
        other: "%{count}months"
        one:1 year
        other: "%{count}Year"

** ③ Display in view **

Finally, it is displayed in the view. To display it, use the time_ago_in_words method provided by Rails. Pass the creation date and time as an argument.


<p>#{time_ago_in_words(post.created_at)}Output before</p>

* Please rewrite the post part as appropriate.

This completes the implementation! If you want to modify the display method to your liking, please modify it in `ja.yml`.

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