[Ruby] If and else problems-with operators-

Problem: You are a policeman.
I am investigating two suspects, a and b.
In both cases, if the testimony is True or False, the testimony is True.
However, if either is False and True, the testimony is False, and let's create a method that outputs it using a logical operator.

** How to call: ** police_trouble(a, b)
** Output example: **

police_trouble(true, false) → False
police_trouble(false, false) → True
police_trouble(true, true) → True

** Logical operator ** Logical operators to describe complex conditional expressions that combine two or more conditional expressions&&、||、!Is used. Use it as follows.
#true if both a and b are true
a && b

#true if either a or b is true
a || b 

#false if a is true, true if a is false

def police_trouble(a, b)
  if (a && b) || (!a && !b)
    puts "True"
    puts "False"

police_trouble(true, false) 
police_trouble(false, false) 
police_trouble(true, true) 

Logical operator in if statement&&When||When!Describe the conditional expression using a. 「(a && b) || (!a && !b)"Is ① Both a and b are true ②    〃  false In either case, "** True **" is output. Otherwise (if not meshing) output False.

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